Athens Coast

Athens Beaches

Athens Coast

Athens Beaches

Throughout time, the Aegean Sea has played a major role in the lives of the inhabitants living near the shores.  From the ancient port of Piraeus to the modern day cosmopolitan beach sprawl, there is no doubt about the importance of the sea to the...

Things to do on the Athens Coast

Glyfada Sunset Athens Greece

Glyfada – The Capital of the Athens Coast

Glyfada is a city with  a lot to offer residents as well as visitors.  Upscale shopping and dining, with everyday life mixed in with a splash of beach.  It is the last urban(ish) city before you hit the La La Land of Voula and beyond. Glyfada is a...

Greece Coffee

What Coffee are all of the Greeks Drinking?

Coffee is a part of everyday life in Greece.  Greeks love their coffee!  BUT they don’t just drink any old filter coffee from a drip machine.  They make coffee a super cool accessory. Here is a game you can play when you arrive in the Athens...

Beyond the Coast

Naxos, Greece


I’m a huge fan of Naxos due to the fact that the main village of Chora ticks off all three boxes on my very short list of preferable amenities for a Greek Island stay.  Convenient Port, traditional village and a nice beach all in one! Naxos is...

Dafnofilo Glyfada Greece

Dafnofillo- Greek Gastronomic Essence in Glyfada

Dafnofillo opened in the spring of 2016 and has a bit more of an upper-class feel than its neighbors on Kondyli St off the main plateia in central Glyfada. Dafnofillo has a large protected outdoor courtyard area (completely covered in the winter)...

Steki Kalamaki Voula

Steki Kalamaki in Voula

Steki Kalamaki has been a Voula favorite since it first opened its doors in 2011.  Their location, just off the main Voula Plateia, makes it a great place to meet friends and enjoy some good food in a friendly atmosphere. What’s a Steki? Here...

Brunch Glyfada

Sunday Funday : Brunching on the Coast

Brunch has hit the Athens Coast in full force! For years brunch wasn’t really a thing here in Athens.  If you wanted to go out for breakfast, you went to a local bakery or grabbed a cheese pie /τυρóπιτα from Everest. “Sunday...

Moouu Glyfada

Moouu Quality Meats : More Than Just a Steakhouse

Moouu is a steakhouse offering a wide variety of choice beef cuts.  This type of steakhouse is a rare find in Athens and the only one of it’s kind in Glyfada. Moouu started out as half of the size as what it is today.  When they expanded and added a...

Bars and Nightlife

Brewklyn beer

Brewklyn Beer Bar in Glyfada

Brewklyn opened in June of 2016 and it was EXACTLY what Glyfada needed. Not that we necessarily needed more beer or more pizza, but the chilled-out combo of the two is what we were missing. Brewklyn has the feel of a neighborhood hang-out...

Glyfada cocktails

What to Drink in Greece

 If a cocktail is what you are going for, why not try one with local ingredients while enjoying the coastal nightlife? Lots of places along the Athens Coast pride themselves in their cocktails and bartenders are now advertised like DJs.  Ark in...