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Living near the Aegean Sea obviously has it’s perks, but there is more to the Athens Coast than just the beaches.  Coast Life highlights general information and ‘good-to-know’ tips for anyone spending time in the coastal suburbs.

Use Athens Coast Social Media to help you plan your time on the Coast | Athens, Greece

Athens Coast social media is here to help you

Athens Coast’s number one objective is to inform the world about this wonderful area and we are using various social media platforms to do so.  Are you following? Social Media.  So many discussions these days regarding those two little words...

Glyfada Sunset Athens Greece

Glyfada – The Capital of the Athens Coast

Glyfada is a city with  a lot to offer residents as well as visitors.  Upscale shopping and dining, with everyday life mixed in with a splash of beach.  It is the last urban(ish) city before you hit the La La Land of Voula and beyond. Glyfada is a...

Greece Coffee

What Coffee are all of the Greeks Drinking?

Coffee is a part of everyday life in Greece.  Greeks love their coffee!  BUT they don’t just drink any old filter coffee from a drip machine.  They make coffee a super cool accessory. Here is a game you can play when you arrive in the Athens...

Languages Athens

Languages Heard Along the Athens Coast

It’s not all Greek to me! The Greek language is the language used everywhere in Athens and along the coast.  We are not Mallorca.  While Greek is the native language everywhere in Greece, there are certain areas where English is widely spoken...

Non-Smoking Restaurants on the Athens Coast

Finding non-smoking dining in Athens can be tricky.  Luckily for about half of the year, you can find outdoor dining (even more if you dress warm). We’ve put together a list of restaurants with non-smoking dining options, with the help of  www...

Elliniko Station

Using the Athens Metro to get to the Beach

The Athens Metro is a quick and efficient way to get CLOSE to the Athens Coast. In Athens, there are no metro stations with ‘beach access’.  Two of lines will get you close and then you can maneuver from there. Decide which beach you...