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Coast Stories are a collection of people’s experiences while spending time on the Athens Coast.  Residents, visitors, global citizens – see what they have to say about the Athens seaside.

Athens Coast surf

Coast Story : Julia

Julia is originally from Hungary and was transferred to Greece for work and is loving her active life on the Athens Coast. Luckily her office is close to the coast, so she can live close to work and ‘play’. Which is your favorite beach and why...

Athens Coast Tarek

Coast Story : Tarek

Tarek has lived in Athens for most of his life and enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach.  He lives in the northern suburban area of Athens, but spends a lot of free time on the coast, because it is the place to be! Which is your favorite beach...

Athens Astir

Coast Story : Nassmah

Nassmah (pictured at Astir Palace) is a Middle Easterner who lived and worked in Athens for two years and returns to Greece for holidays every summer. Why did you choose to stay along the coast (versus other areas in Athens)? Because I love being by...

Edem Beach

Coast Story : Pip

Pip (pictured at Edem beach) is a half-Greek, English Londoner who has been traveling to Greece several times a year for around 20 years!  She loves Greece so much, she even has her own blog, Pip the Greek. Give a short description of your usual...