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Athens Coast has grouped together ideas of how to spend your free time in the coastal communities of Athens, Greece.  You will find things to do ranging from special events to fitness and related ideas.  A great resource for local residents as well as visitors.

Mother Daughter Greece

Mother & Daughter Trip to Athens

Alicia from Mexico contacted me with some questions about her upcoming trip to Greece with her mom.  My mom is my favorite travel companion (don’t tell my husband!) so I wanted to give her really thorough advice so that they could totally...

Sounio Athens Coast

Drive to Sounio

The one-hour drive from Glyfada to Sounio is an attraction all on it’s own.   Sounio (or more properly Sounion) is home to the very popular ancient archaeological site of the  Temple of Poseidon. Because it is located 60km from the center of Athens...