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Questions and Answers about Getting to Sounio from Athens

Sounio Sunset | Athens Coast
These are actual questions from Athens Coast readers about getting to Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon from Athens or Glyfada.

I’ve gathered them from Live Chat on the site or from the Facebook group, Ask a Local : Athens Coast Q & A

What are options for getting from Glyfada to the Temple of Poseidon without renting a car?

You can take the KTEL bus from Poseidonos Ave.  There are two bus stops in Glyfada: no1 “Central square of Glyfada” and no2 “Asteria of Glyfada

Sign across from McDonalds

The KTEL bus stop across from McDonald’s is a separate stop apart from the main bus area (towards Voula).

They do not have a schedule from Glyfada, only from the center of Athens, so I would suggest to give the bus about 30min to get from the center to the Glyfada stop.

I want to take the coastal route to Cape Sounio

Jessica: Will you rent a car?

Site Visitor: I’m in the car now and want to set my route on gps and drive

Jessica: ah ok!  And Cape Sounio does not come up?  Try Temple of Poseidon…

Site Visitor: It comes up but I’m not sure if that is the right scenic route

Jessica: Where are you coming from?

Site Visitor: Athens

Jessica: Does it direct you through Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza…

Site Visitor:

Jessica: drag your route along the coast the yellow line along the coast is a highway

Site Visitor: Ok

Jessica: maybe this will work for you Google Map Link
Once you are in Vouliagmeni- the sea will continually be on your right hand side the entire way so just ‘hug’ the coast.

Athens to Sounio

Which beach is cool to spend the day near Sounion? Beach clubs or not? And then should we spend the night strolling Glyfada for dinner?

The beach located just below Sounio at the Aegeon Hotel is a great place to enjoy being so close to the temple.

Along the way there are countless beaches, so it depends on your tastes.  Mavro Lithari is a very popular one.

And YES!  A night stroll in Glyfada is a great idea and the restaurant possibilities are endless.

Feature Photo by @iputmynamehere


Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

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