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Craving a Gyro in Glyfada? Here are our top picks

Gyro Glyfada
Gyros are the food that most people associate with Greece.  Rightfully so!  It is the national ‘fast food’.

Tasty, cheap and easy to eat on the go, what’s not to love about these things!?

Make sure and check out our Gyro 101 to brush up on your ‘Greek meat on-the-go’ knowledge.

Working our way up from Plateia Glyfada, here’s where to get gyros in Glyfada

Σπιτικο Απλα/Spitko Apla

I always recommend this restaurant to visitors because they display their ‘home cooked’ dishes of the day.  It is a great way for a visitor to discover new Greek dishes.

They also serve gyro and my personal favorite is a chicken gyro with their lemon/mustard sauce (by special request- normally the chicken comes with a mustardy-mayo sauce).

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Address: Lazaraki 15, Glifada 166 75
Phone: 21 0894 9000
Hours: 12PM–2AM

Λαός και Καλαμάκι/Laos kai Kalamaki

Kondyli Steet is always a good bet when you are hungry.  Laos and Kalamaki arrived a few years  back and has been busy ever since!

Their gyros are huge, so show up hungry.

Address: Geor. Kondyli 5, Glifada 166 75
Phone: 21 0990 2002
Hours: 12PM–1AM

Γύρο Γύρω Όλοι/Gyro Gyro Oloi

This restaurant wins the most beautiful gyro shop award.  Built in a re-purposed old building, Gyro Gyro Oloi packs in the dinners on weekends and summer nights.

Address: Kyprou 19, Zerva 24, Glifada 16675
Phone: 21 0898 0032

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Λάδι & Ρίγανη/Ladi & Rigani

This walk-up, street food type place is a favorite of my husband.  He always goes for the Arabic pita wrap instead of the usual Greek pita.

Address: Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 3, Glifada 166 75
Phone: 699 999 9999

Τρελός Γάιδαρος/Trelos Gaidaros

What I really like about this place is their healthy options and ‘fitness menu’.  You can get a turkey gyro on a whole wheat pita and not feel so guilty about it later.

Address: Artemidos 1, Glifada 166 74
Phone: 21 0898 0084
Hours: 12PM–12AM

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Τσι Τσι/Tsi Tsi

Tsi Tsi is a large restaurant located right on Metaxas (the tram road).  A great choice for groups who are looking to sample a variety of traditional Greek dishes.

Address: 48, Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 50, Glifada 166 75
Phone: 21 0898 5531
Hours: 12PM–3AM

Which one is your favorite?


Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

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